Miss Effie's Country Flowers and Garden Stuff

Flower Hours

Thurs - Fri --9 am to 5 pm

Sat -- 9 am to 3 pm

Sun -- 12 am to 3 pm 

Closed Mon - Tue - Wed

We are open for flower picking from June to the first hard freeze of the season..... usually in early October.

For off-season hours for the Summer Kitchen, 
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Miss Effie's 
27387 130th Ave
Donahue IA 52746


Driving down the gravel road also brought back more memories for me, so I gunned the truck just to slip a bit on the gravel.

 Once in Miss Effie's playground, it transformed me back to my grandmother's home in Long Grove. The memories were so strong. You could feel the love she puts into her home even in the cold.....

It was winter so there were no flowers to see, but the Summer Kitchen was almost done and there was hand spun yarn, mittens, scarves, bags, tea cozy, and eggs there....which some yarn made it way to my home, a couple of salted peanut logs for the hubby....

I want chickens, so Miss Effie let me hang out with the Ladies of the Coop. I also held a couple of baby chicks. Not so sure I want Chickens anymore. I am not as hard working as Miss Effie.

 I plan on taking my grand-daughter and a couple of friends out there to have a Tea Party this year. I love the tea cups hanging in the trees.

 Summer or Winter Miss Effie's is a place to visit.

Lisa S.

Traditionally, on a farm a Summer Kitchen was used to keep the heat out  of the main house.  

Small buildings, the Summer Kitchen housed the old wood cook stove for canning and preserving the garden's bounty.

Miss Effie's Summer Kitchen preserves the bounty of locally made product. 

From hand spun yarn to homemade jellies and jam.  From knitted scarves to embroidered tea towels.  From cute hand crafted sock animals to homemade goat soap ...... you can find it in the Summer Kitchen.

Open all year round ... our bounty varies daily.

Where else in this modern age of production food can you go to be greeted by the chicken who laid your eggs and the woman who made your jam?.

  Jen V